An English gentleman named Edward Dyer incorporated Asia's first brewery in Kasauli in the Himalayan Mountains under the name Dyer Breweries.
He followed that up by fathering a son named Reginald Dyer. Yes- The father of the Indian brewing industry was also the father of ‘The Butcher of Amritsar’.
Pune′s 1st Microbrewery!
The Corinthians Boutique Hotel,
Nyati County, NIBM Annexe,
South Pune, Pune 411060

For reservations call
020 26952226
Nunc est Bibendum!... Meaning- It′s time to drink!!
"Why?" You ask… Well- It′s time to drink to celebrate something rather important. It"s time to celebrate the end to the tyranny of bad beer!... It ends here and it ends now!!
For long we, as a people, have been led to believe by M/S Industrial Behemoth & Co. that the soulless swill they make is ‘real beer’. That the words ‘taste’ and ‘beer’ are mutually exclusive.
We don′t know about you but we are completely sick of this
nonsense and we have decided to do something about it.
We have decided to make beers that we would like to drink!
Handcrafted in small batches the traditional way, our beers are made from the best stuff selected from around the world… Beers that actually have taste, aroma, body etc.!
So if you are a true beer lover then do us a favour. When you get a pint of Doolally at your table, raise your glass high and toast yourself! You have just contributed to the cause of good beer!
Our website is brewing. Meanwhile do drop by for a chat at:
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